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Dressing Room
(Make sure to use a flexible measuring tape)

Length (L): Measure from where the neck meets the back to wear the tail begins. Make sure the there head is not down.
Neck (N): Measure the circumference of the neck where the neck meets the body.      
Collar (C): The circumeference of the neck area right behind the ears.
Girth (G): Measure around the largest part of the chest.
Shoulder (SH): Measure from where the neck and body meet, to where the muscle of the front leg starts.    
Head (H): Measure the circumference of the largest part your hounds head.
Snood (S): Measure from the point where the neck meets the back to right behind the eyes.
When measuring for a Martingale collar, please measure both the collar measurement, as well as the head measurement. The collar dimensions must be able to fit over the largest part of your hounds head in order to get it on.  Also, it is important to make sure that when your hound is wearing the collar and is corrected, the metal parts on both ends of the small loop do not touch. If they do touch, that means the collar needs to be adjusted tighter, or the collar is too big.

*Please double check your measurements for accuracy as the coats are made to the measurements given. The fit will only be as accurate as the measurements.
If you have any questions in regards to how to measure, please contact us.